Every Year 19th March is Celebrated on Swami Ji's Birthday

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About Swami Dayanand Giri Ji Maharaj

Swamiji was born in an affluent and religious Brahmin family at Hoshiarpur (Punjab) on 19th March, 1919. His father was a noble and pious Civil Engineer widely known for his honest and religious way of life. From the very beginning Swamiji was unattached with the material world and at the tender age of 19, he left his home from Vill. Shahpur near Sargodha (now in Pakistan) with absolute renunciation, in search of God and Real Truth of life. After about one year of visiting various places and seers, he arrived at Kailash Ashram Rishikesh (Haridwar) and met Maha Mandaleshwar Swami Vishnudevanand ‘Giri’ Ji Maharaj which marked the beginning of learning Sanskrit language and study of scriptures and spiritual books under the guidance of his mentor Swami Vishnudevanand ‘Giri’ Ji Maharaj.    +more

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A few thanks giving words

     We express deep gratitude to the dedicated devotees (Param Bhagtas) of Revered Swami Dayanand 'Giri' Ji Maharaj for tape recording of Adhyatmik Prvachan Sangrah, Bhag-I and Bhag-II, Converting into writing, getting them approved from Revered Swamiji and getting them published with active contribution and co-operation of Bhagtas of village Karala, Majri, Nithari and other nearby villages of Delhi-81.

     We are also greatful to the humble devotees of Ambala city for the publication of Adhyatmik Jeevan Padyawali, Bhag-I and Bhag-II in Hindi and Verses of the Divine spiritual Life from the original hand written text of Revered SwamiJi Maharaj. We are also greatful to the devotee of Shri Anant Prem-Mandir for publishing Katipai Avashiak Sangaon Ka Vishad Vivran(Explanation of some important spiritual and philosphical terms used by Rev. SawamiJi in Adhyatmik Jeevan Padayawali) with their own expenditure.

     We are extremely greatful to those earnest devotees who translated books from Hindi text to English text by maintaining the letter and spirit of the original text of Rev. Swami Dayanand Giri Ji Maharaj.

     At the end of all the published books list of donors name, Amount Recieved with receipt no. and date have been given. Detail of expenditure for publication of each book along with balance of amount left is also mentioned for the information of all the devotees as per directions of Revered SwamiJi Maharaj given to the undersigned for maintaining transparency. Finally we are extremely greatful to Shri Rajinder Nath Prop. Gopi Mixi Ambala city who inspired us to put all the books of Rev. SwamiJi Maharaj on internet. We are also thankful to all those devotees of SwamiJi Maharaj who helped us for preparing website of nineteen(19) books of Revered SwamiJi in English and Hindi to put on internet which will benefit the spiritual readers of India and Foreign Countries.

Humble Devotee at the
Lotus feet of Rev. SwamiJi Maharaj
G.C. Garg
Techinical Education,

Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha !

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